Vikkys six packs cookies

Vikkys Six Packs Cookies brings good health to your table

With the busy schedule that most of our lives follow, we do not really get the kind of nutrition that our body really needs. Millets are highly nutritious and have been consumed by Indians for thousands of years. However, with our modern lifestyles most of us find it difficult to make preparations using them. Vikkys Six Packs Cookies transforms this situation. It brings you the power-packed nutrition from millets in a quick, easy to eat cookie format.

Vikkys Six Packs Cookies are one of the innovative products from Vikkys which includes pure honey, herbal mosquito repellents and more. Being organic and eco-friendly is a hallmark of Vikkys. Vikkys Six Packs Cookies offers individually wrapped cookies in a six day pack, one cookie for each day from Monday to Saturday. Each cookie is made from a different kind of millet and is richly nutritious. Chock-a-block with fibre, each cookie is good for heart health and also helps in bringing down blood pressure and blood sugar. It also helps in weight management and provides some relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Vikkys Six Packs is rich in phytochemicals. These are naturally occurring chemicals in plants that build immunity. They have an anti-oxidant activity that  protects our bodies. The most important aspect is that it helps in preventing Cancer. This wonderful benefit is worth making it part of the daily routine.

It’s free from maida and baking powder. Maida is not good for health and avoiding this helps a lot in maintaining health. There is zero transfat and this helps weight watchers. This makes the biscuits also an ideal snack for those who are on weight loss programmes and those who want to maintain their weight. For that slim, healthy and fit body, Vikkys Six Packs Cookies makes the right partner.

Mothers love to pack Vikkys Six Packs Cookies into their children’s tiffins as it makes a great snack for intervak breaks. It gives them that extra boost of energy that helps them play or study better. For office-goers, it’s the ideal desk snack that can help keep away hunger pangs during work hours and also help perform better. For older people too, this is a powerhouse of nutrition and is light and easily digestible.

Vikkys Six Packs Cookies comes from the house of Vikkys, a trusted name in personal care, home care and other FMCG products. The carefully curated products are innovative and natural. They aim to transform lifestyles. Chase Mosquito Repellent, Vikkys Kashmir Honey, Vikkys Household Wipes and Vikkys Facial Wipes are some of the products available.

The secret behind Vikkys success is young, progressive and dynamic Vikram Narayen. He has always been passionate about creating a brand that will make a big difference in those around him. Vikkys has the strong backing of The Chennai Silks, a leading textile chain.

Vikkys Six Packs Cookies brings you good health in a compact pack. Make sure you add a few of these to your grocery basket. We promise that you will see a change.

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